Finding the Score Board

In part 1 you were introduced to the Score Board and learned how it tracks your challenge hacking progress. You also had a "happy path" tour through the Juice Shop application from the perspective of a regular customer without malicious intentions. But you never saw the Score Board, did you?

Challenges covered in this chapter

Name Description Difficulty

Score Board

Find the carefully hidden 'Score Board' page.

Find the carefully hidden 'Score Board' page

Why was the Score Board not visited during the "happy path" tour? Because there seemed to be no link anywhere in the application that would lead you there! You know that it must exist, which leaves two possible explanations:

  1. You missed the link during the initial mapping of the application

  2. There is a URL that leads to the Score Board but it is not hyperlinked to

    • Knowing it exists, you can simply guess what URL the Score Board might have.

    • Alternatively, you can try to find a reference or clue within the parts of the application that are not usually visible in the browser