Hosting platform for multiple users

MultiJuicer cover

A solution to host and manage individual Juice Shop instances for multiple users is MultiJuicer. MultiJuicer is a Kubernetes based system to start up the required Juice Shop instances on demand. It will also clean up unused instances after a configured period of inactivity.

MultiJuicer v7.1.0 comes with a custom-built load balancer. It allows every participant (or a CTF team) to use the same URL, but their traffic will always be sent to their own personal (or team-specific) instance.

MultiJuicer high level architecture

Registration at MultiJuicer is very straightforward for the users/teams. Messing with other instances is prevented by assigning a passcode to each of them which should only be shared among team members - or not at all for individuals.

MultiJuicer registration

MultiJuicer comes with a rudimentary Score Board of its own, which allows teams to compare their progress through the Juice Shop challenges.

MultiJuicer score board

Another helpful feature for trainers and CTf-organizers is the optional dashboard which automatically consumes and displays metrics from each of its Juice Shop instances. It shows individual challenge progress along with other functional and technical stats and can be very helpful in troubleshooting as well.

MultiJuicer dashboard with technical metrics MultiJuicer dashboard with business metrics

The MultiJuicer repository offers guidance on how to set up the system on different cloud provider platforms: